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Partnering with our experienced and qualified team helps you adjust your IT infrastructure,
alleviate operational complexity and better manage cost.

We first understand your existing strengths and capabilities, identify your unique business model and your competitive advantage.
This enables our services and solutions to seamlessly integrate technology into your operations.


ITirana's seamless turnkey solutions help you

Improve your business' bottom line
Increase your business' productivity
Focus on your core business
Respond quickly to technology changes
Reduce CAPEX
Maximize competitive advantages

With passion and determination, we have entered into Cloud Computing by combining our telecommunication network with a flexible & open platform, diverse Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) and innovative Storage Solutions.

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Our two main philosophies to provide the very best Customer Experience:

=> Client first (24 hours x 7 days x 365 days a year)
=> German Engineering & Accuracy

Our winning combination of competencies to achieve the very best Customer Support:

=> State-of-the-Art technology
=> Customer-Centric systems & processes

A Certified Service Provider

EN-ISO-9001:2008 & ISO-27001:2013

Our Customers are good informed and their expectations & requirements are growing. To keep up, we offer a commitment to Quality of Service Delivery and Information Security.

To operate conform international standards, we've implemented a Quality Management System - EN-ISO-9001:2008 and an Information Security Management System EN-ISO-27001:2013, which ensure the incorporation of Core Standards in Safety and Quality for Information Technology & Communication Services.

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